Dear visitor, you have moved to the design studio "cradle of art" While walking through this gallery you can see my works. There were small visit cards in the beginning of my creativity. But, as you can see, now there are huge sites, CDs' design, wallpapers etc. So if you like to get a qualitative and not very expensive design please contact me and I'll programme and design what ever you want. ]

latest updates
10.may.2006 Finished CD artwork for Russian metal band ENS COGITANS "Deigital Conflict".
15.mar.2006 Wallpaper "Katatonia" was used as cover for re-release of KATATONIA "Dance of December Souls".
15.dec.2005 Finished website for "SPI-RITUAL".
18.nov.2005 Finished CD artwork for German ethno-metal project SPI-RITUAL "Pulse".
10.oct.2005 Finished CD artwork for Russian heavy-metal band KIPELOV "Time Rivers".
24.dec.2004 Finished CD artwork for Russian neo-folk band "WATER WIND". It was a too long process, caused by misunderstoods and two computer crashes, when totally was lost the "first edition" design. On site you can see correct design, because after all works was done band has edited design and maked errors and bugs.
21.jan.2004 Finished CD artwork for Hungarian black metal band FINNUGOR.
7.dec.2003 It`s time to move on. Old site design was moved here. Maybe it was nice, but huge and difficult to see and update. This is not new design - it`s only temporary version.
14.nov.2003 One more wallpaper "Fly" added.
28.oct.2003 Finished artworks for CARBONIZED (THERION members side-project).
5.oct.2003 Finished artwork for Russian darkwave music band STILLIFE.

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